One day, you make the decision to be your own boss and start your own company. It's a thrilling but daunting prospect. Where to begin? What needs to be done? Where do you turn for help? The first step for a prospective small business owner is to visit the secretary of state page. The secretary of state is the state's administrator in regulating businesses operating within the state. From there, the prospective owner would look up the rules and regulations as well as the forms necessary for filing. Typically, a small business owner would have to choose what type of business is most appropriate to his or her needs. Is it public or private? Is it a sole proprietorship or a partnership? Is a limited liability company the best option?

It is helpful for most new business owners to seek counsel from both a lawyer and an accountant. The do-it-yourself mentality is noble, but it can get folks into trouble, both legally and financially. While the secretary of state does offer much needed information, the office itself does not offer a more personalized legal or financial counsel. They simply cannot, because it isn't in their budget. Add to the burden of starting up any legal issues arising, such as issues related to advertising, intellectual property, tax compliance, and much more.

The solution is to seek out a business attorney, especially one who fights for the rights of small business owners. Here at BATEY LAW OFFICE, PLLC, we understand the frustrations associated with running a small business, because we are one. As such, we've made it our business to assist other businesses. One particular need of every business is the registered agent who can receive service of summons or subpoenas.

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